Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury

Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury & Hyperbarics

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a nondegenerative, non-congenital injury to the brain from an external mechanical force, possibly leading to permanent or temporary impairment of cognitive, physical, and psychosocial functions, with an associated diminished or altered state of consciousness. It is a leading cause of health loss and disability world-wide. Globally, the annual incidence of TBI is variably estimated at 27 to 69 million.

All concussions are traumatic brain injuries with varying degrees of severity. According to the CDC, 138 people are affected by TBI every day. The leading causes of TBI include falls, blunt trauma related accidents, vehicle related injuries, violent assaults, and blast injuries.

Hyperbaric therapy has been demonstrated to enhance the recovery from TBI and augment brain activity by reducing hypoxia and neuroinflammation, while increasing circulation in the brain.

Also, hyperbaric therapy has been reported to synergistically enhance the effects of other therapies, including standard intensive rehabilitation, for TBI patients to help accelerate recovery.

Enhance Neurological Repair & Regeneration

  • Attenuates the Effects of Hypoxia & Inflammation in the Brain
  • Enhances Stem Cell Mobilization and Proliferation
  • Increases Penumbra Tissue Recovery
  • Induces Remyelination
  • Moderates Mitochondrial Disorders
  • Promotes Neurogenesis
  • Stimulates Neuroplasticity

Improve Overall Function

  • Advances Cognitive Function
  • Alleviates Spasticity
  • Enhances Speech & Language
  • Improves Balance & Walking
  • Improves Gross/Fine Motor Skills
  • Lessens Frequency of Seizures
  • Stimulates Better Eye Contact

The Brain

  • Improves Memory & Reaction time
  • Promotes Neuroplasticity
  • Stimulates Neurogenesis
  • Decreases Emotional Distress
  • Improves Cerebral Blood Flow

Mental Health & Wellness

  • Enhances Memory and Mental Performance
  • Develops & Regains Cognitive/Motor Functions
  • Stimulates Neuroplasticity
  • Enhances Executive Function


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