Medical Advisors
Dr. David Dornfeld, DO

David Dornfeld, DO, has been practicing Family Medicine for 35 years, with extensive experience covering the full spectrum of clinical family medicine, including children beyond the age of two. Throughout this time, he has developed a special interest in working with children that have Autism Spectrum Disorders. His experience encompasses all spectrums of family medicine, spinal manipulation, chelation therapy, IV infusion therapy and hyperbaric therapies. Focusing on whole body and alternative therapy techniques, he alleviates pain in patients through hands-on osteopathic therapy, manipulation and nutritional support, with additional experience that encompasses nutritional counseling, diving medicine, chelation therapy, weight loss and many areas of holistic medicine and primary care medicine.

He received his degree in Osteopathic Medicine, from the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine – Maine, then completed his residency and internship at Rocky Mountain Hospital, Denver, Colorado, and Doctors Hospital of Stark County, Massillon, Ohio. He is Board Certified, Family Practice 1995 ACOFP, and Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine by International Society of Anti-Aging 2000. Dr. Dornfeld has been a member of ACAM, the American College for Advancement in Medicine since 1994 and became Certified in Chelation Therapy. Recently he completed his Fellowship training with MAPS. He also is a long standing member of ILADS and considered a Lyme Literate Medical  Doctor.  His Family Wellness Center is in Red Bank, NJ.