Medical Advisors
Bill Schindler, CHT

Bill is a dynamic speaker who shares his experience and knowledge to educate groups and individuals across the country regarding the potential benefit of increasing oxygen to the body at the cellular level through the utilization of mild HYPERBARIC Therapy (mHBT), portable mild Hyperbaric Chambers . He presents at seminars, conventions and functions from those involving former, current and future professional athletes, trainers and sports health care providers to individuals interested in improving or maintaining their health, anti-ageing and those with specific diseases and conditions.

Bill works with more professional athletes from a variety of sports than anyone else in the country and integrates the relationships he builds to bringing attention to his passion… working with adults and children with “special needs”. Bill started one of the first mHBT clinics in the country over 19 years ago treating over 45,000 people, and is now working with many of today’s leading doctors.