Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
The Doctors Discuss Autism and Getting Help for Your Child

April 24th on The Doctors, a special appearance by Holly Robinson Peete and husband Rodney Peete highlighted the struggles of many families raising a child with Autism. Like many mothers of affected children, Holly knew early on that something was not right with her son. However, her concerns were dismissed as typical “boy” delays and patterns. As her son worsened, she knew it was more. Her husband’s initial reaction was one of skepticism, and he admits that he did not want this to be true for his son. The couple discussed the hardship that stressed their marriage. Their solution was to involved the entire family—Mom, Dad and siblings.

Of the many therapies and nutritional approaches that the Peetes engage in to find help for their son, Holly publicly credited Hyperbaric Therapy as the breakthrough in her son’s speech. Her child, like many other children on the spectrum, has received varied therapies that are geared to his specific condition—with much success. In this child’s progress, he now is mainstreamed in school, is able to engage his brothers and sisters, and has vocally begun to develop and communicate.

Holly acknowledged that many families have to deal with an overwhelming lack of information and resources available to them regarding autism or about possible therapies, let alone have financial resources to pay for these options when they finally do come upon this information, usually through parent networking groups and sites. Her HollyRod Foundation seeks to address some of the need amongst fellow parents of children on the autism spectrum.

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