Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Testimonials From Around The Globe

I would like to thank the International Hyperbarics Association for everything that they have done for Robert. All of you have given us so much more faith that Robert can come out of this. We know that Robert will never be the same, but he is trying to do so much more now that he has a chamber. His favorite word now is “ahhum” and there is much more that he is doing. Robert will look at people and try so hard to talk now. He even watches as people move around the room. We know he is there now and that the [hyperbaric] chamber has helped all of this come out.

Tracy Spracklen,
Mother to Robert Schifferns

Before I received treatment, I went through lengthy periods without being able to speak. On one such occasion, this even happened in our family physician’s presence. At that point, our physician advised me to see a specialist. Dr. Heuser was that specialist.

I have received tremendous benefit from the hyperbaric treatments in the chamber. I no longer suffer from periods of difficulty in speaking. I can even remember where I parked my car! The best news is that I am getting my life back. I just returned yesterday from NYC, where I spent the day with a fellow linguist, who showed me how to use the software for my contribution to the Semantic Hebrew Dictionary project. It looks like I may even get to do some work out of Oxford University in England!

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments work. I was appalled to hear that health insurance companies are legally refusing payment for HBOT. If the law allows them to refuse coverage for these treatments, then the law is badly in need of change.

Joel Robertson, PhD
Monrovia, CA
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