Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Testimonials From Around The Globe

Austin (10) and Sydney (8)

Scott and Gerri Williams’ two young children, Sydney and Austin, were both diagnosed with mitochondrial disease, and Austin with Autism. These parents were slowly losing their children and were watching life drain out of them. One year later, Austin and Sydney are different children with an optimistic prognosis. What caused this dramatic transformation? A therapy Scott read about on the Internet…More

HBOT treatments have greatly increased my quality of life. I was diagnosed with Toxic Encephalopathy in November 1999. My complaints included Chronic Fatigue and Cognitive problems. Prior to the treatments, I was limited to about 2-3 hours of restricted activity. After the treatments, this has been enhanced to 4-5 hours. Also, after a couple of hours of rest, I am just as refreshed as when I first awake in the morning—which was not possible before the treatments.

Jock J. Moore
Federal Way, WA

I have been using a hyperbaric chamber for almost one year now and have been experiencing some excellent outcomes with my surgical patients. Initially I was using the chamber in my Aesthetic and Anti-Aging clinic, but found it to be an excellent modality for post-operative healing. My laser resurfacing and face-lift patients heal at least 50% faster when I incorporate hyperbaric therapy. I am also having excellent outcomes with sclerotherapy patients.

Although I was reluctant to incorporate hyperbaric in to my practice, I must thank you as hyperbarics is an excellent addition to my practice. If you have any physicians questioning the efficacy of hyperbarics, please have them contact me to discuss questions they may have.

David N. Michelson, M.D
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