Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
Reimbursement for Members

Members are given the choice to participate in our Member to Member Reimbursement Program. To participate in this program please contact Member Services at your earliest convenience and submit the form below for approval.

This program is designed to maximize the patient’s investment in hyperbaric therapy. All parties—the patient, doctor, clinic, and chamber dealer must be members of the Association to qualify for the program. This assures the member-to-member component of the program.

Details of the program:

Member patients receive hyperbaric therapy at a member clinic or center. According to the prescribed treatment schedule and number of treatments needed, the doctor may prescribe and refer the patient to a member manufacturer to purchase a chamber for the balance of the treatments, or as an adjunct source to the doctor’s own sessions in-house. This proves to be a great convenience for most patients and doctors and reduces costs overall.

The Fees already paid and incurred with the doctor, clinic or therapy center, up to $6000.00 will be reimbursed toward the purchase of an Association Corporate Member or chamber dealer.

The patient will need their doctor’s prescription for therapy, and it should be presented to the Corporate Member prior to purchase.

Note: It is important that members (provider and patient) sign up for the program prior to therapies given and prior to purchasing a chamber from a member chamber-distributor/ dealer. Credit for previously received treatments and for previously purchased chambers will not be backdated.