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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is practical

Needs Assessment Committee

Patient Financial Aid for members

Members who are in need of hyperbaric therapy, but have limited means may apply for Member to Member Financial Aid.

This program is designed to offset either the cost of therapy or chamber purchase through grants, loans or member discounts. Patients are required to complete a thorough Financial Aid Application, available from the Association by request only\97email or message phone:

financialaid.nac@ihausa.org or 877.IHA.USA1 (877.422.8721).

All parties\97the patient, doctor, clinic, and/or chamber dealer must be members of the Association to qualify for the financial aid. This assures the member-to-member component of the program.

Financial Aid Submission

Member patients who are about to receive hyperbaric therapy at a member clinic or center need to fill out the financial aid form in its entirety. Requests should clearly state the family\92s reasons for applying for aid, and remit the completed Financial Aid Form and all supporting documents, to the Needs Assessment Committee, which will approve the financial aid grant/ loan or discount. Completed forms should be mailed directly to the IHA, labeled \93Attention: Needs Assessment Committee.\94

All application documentation should be submitted within 30 days of the receipt of the financial aid form. Qualified applicants will be notified of their aid status 60 days from the date their completed forms and required documents are submitted.

Note: It is important that members sign up for the program prior to treatment for which they are seeking aid. Aid for previously received therapy and for previous chamber purchases will not be backdated or considered .