IHA Member Comes to Japan’s Aid

Between the economy, natural disasters, or horrific crimes, sometimes it seems like the world is coming to the end. There always seems to be a “fresh disaster” that pushes the aftermath of the previous heartache off the headline news. Then, many months later, some follow-up article appears and we are amazed to find out that these people are still suffering.

Yet, with all the horror that surrounds us, it is important to take note of the people, the organizations, and the companies that step in and help out those who are suffering thousands of miles away.

The IHA would like to recognize one company that stepped up to the plate to help the people of Japan who were exposed to radiation and all the other associated traumas brought on by the March 11th, 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. One of our Corporate Members, OxyHealth, donated several chambers to relief camps throughout, and it has made quite a difference to those still living in the refugee camps.


Here is a copy of the original article:



A hyperbaric chamber makes its debut

July 5, 2011  |  News category: surprise

Japan tsunami relief victim receives therapy in a portable hyperbaric chamber

At Big Palette Fukushima where the evacuees from the hamadori (coastal region) of Fukushima Prefecture are temporary staying, a healthcare device “hyperbaric capsule” made its debut, and is made available to all evacuees for free of charge.

The capsule, which is about 2 meters in length, maintains its internal pressure at 1.3 atmosphere, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen intake of the body. According to Hiromi Aboshi, the CEO of OxyHealth Japan Inc. (Tokyo) who brought the capsule, it has an effect on insomnia and chronic fatigue.

A housewife Yasuko Takizawa who tried the capsule had a smile on her face, saying “The tired feeling I had in my entire body is gone.  I think this capsule may be better than supplement capsules.” Mentax

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