Parent Testimonial – HBOT Benefits of Home Use

We frequently get parents and medical professionals that share their  HBOT experiences. This one came to us about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Autism…

I wanted to take a minute to let you know the wonderful results we had when we rented the Vitaris 320 last April.  We originally rented it as another piece of my ASD son’s recovery puzzle, but we got so much more then we were expecting. 

It took about 1 week, or 10 dives, to see a noticeable difference with my ASD son, Gabriel.  He had tremendous gains in multiple areas of his development.  His expressive language improved almost immediately and has continued to improve dramatically.  His conversational language blossomed and he began to take interest in others, especially his younger brother, Christian.  He never really cared about the welfare of other people, but after HBOT he started asking questions like, “Good morning, Mommy.  How was your sleep?” and “How was school, Christian?”.  He became more sociable at home and in school and his eye contact became better and more sustained.  He also started having meaningful playtime with his 5 year old brother.  Gabriel used to get overwhelmed after about 10 minutes of play and would need about an hour’s worth of alone time to recuperate.  After HBOT their play sessions got longer and more diverse.   Gabriel is now able to play with his brother for hours at a time and they enjoy all sorts of play activities.  Playing everything from Legos to wrestling on our trampoline, my boys have developed a true friendship.   We had an incredible experience with the chamber.  It has been a major bright spot (probably the brightest) in our autism recovery efforts.

Also, unrelated to autism, my mom (Gabriel’s grandma) benefited from HBOT as well.  She had committed to going into the chamber with Gabriel for the morning dives so I could get my younger son to school on time.   She experienced a rather unexpected effect from HBOT.  About 10 years ago she fell and severely damaged the ligaments in her knees.  Her knees were in constant pain, everyday, all the time.  After the very first session she noticed her knees didn’t really hurt while getting out of the chamber.  After about 5 days she told me that she was noticing a real difference in her knees.  We decided that she should start doing both sessions with Gabriel.   After about 15 dives she was astonished by the amount of healing that took place in her knees-after nearly a decade of very little improvement.  She’s also had a bad back from a horse related injury decades ago and found that the HBOT greatly helped relieve her back pain. 

My father had a knee replacement in September of 2009.  My mom suggested my dad try out the chamber to see if it might help his knee.  He was quite reluctant to use the chamber but after seeing the results my mom got in her knees, he figured it was worth a try.  He started using the chamber and after only 10 dives it greatly improved the stiffness and pain in his knee.   My parents have committed to buying a chamber to keep.

Another benefit we all experienced was a greater mental clarity and better sleep.  To a family dealing with the everyday pressures of life with autism, these are two qualities we never take for granted.

We tell everyone who will listen about what an incredible experience we had.

Warm regards,
Vicki Straight
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