Thriving Beyond Expectations of Mitochondrial Myopathy and Autism with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

August 23, 2011
Hosted by Teri Arranga and Kristin Selby Gonzalez

Gerri Williams, RN, describes how her two children with mitochondrial myopathy (oxidative phosphorylation deficiency disorder) went from failure to thrive to thriving beyond expectations through the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

Could this be something that affects your child?
How do you find out?
What do you do?
Listen here Nolvadex

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IHA Member Comes to Japan’s Aid

Between the economy, natural disasters, or horrific crimes, sometimes it seems like the world is coming to the end. There always seems to be a “fresh disaster” that pushes the aftermath of the previous heartache off the headline news. Then, many months later, some follow-up article appears and we are amazed to find out that these people are still suffering.

Yet, with all the horror that surrounds us, it is important to take note of the people, the organizations, and the companies that step in and help out those who are suffering thousands of miles away.

The IHA would like to recognize one company that stepped up to the plate to help the people of Japan who were exposed to radiation and all the other associated traumas brought on by the March 11th, 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. One of our Corporate Members, OxyHealth, donated several chambers to relief camps throughout, and it has made quite a difference to those still living in the refugee camps.


Here is a copy of the original article:


A hyperbaric chamber makes its debut

July 5, 2011  |  News category: surprise

Japan tsunami relief victim receives therapy in a portable hyperbaric chamber

At Big Palette Fukushima where the evacuees from the hamadori (coastal region) of Fukushima Prefecture are temporary staying, a healthcare device “hyperbaric capsule” made its debut, and is made available to all evacuees for free of charge.

The capsule, which is about 2 meters in length, maintains its internal pressure at 1.3 atmosphere, thereby increasing the amount of oxygen intake of the body. According to Hiromi Aboshi, the CEO of OxyHealth Japan Inc. (Tokyo) who brought the capsule, it has an effect on insomnia and chronic fatigue.

A housewife Yasuko Takizawa who tried the capsule had a smile on her face, saying “The tired feeling I had in my entire body is gone.  I think this capsule may be better than supplement capsules.” Mentax

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Kristi Hogg wins Most Inspirational Parent at Autism one

Kristi’s amazing story is an inspiration for any parent looking to get help for their child. Her daughter, Mayci was diagnosed with a rare mitochondrial disease and was fading fast when she heard the story about Grace Kenitz and how hyperbarics saved her life. The miracle of hyperbarics repeated itself, and Mayci had a new lease on life.  Read more about Kristi and Mayci in the words of her own home town newspaper:

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Thank God for Grace – The Mark Leland Video

Many people are familier with the story of Grace, Shannon Kenitz’s daughter with a rare mitochondrial disease and Autism. Grace was never supposed to make it past her 2nd birthday, but daily Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments keep her alive. Country singer Mark Leland wrote and produced this song/video to celebrate Grace’s battle to live. 

By the way, Grace just celebrated her 12th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Grace Kenitz.

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PBS has just released an excellent series on autism called AUTISM NOW

PBS has just released an excellent series on autism called AUTISM NOW. The first 2 shows have aired & we highly recommend them. The series is promoting the biomedical side of Autism. You can watch them online at the link:

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Remarkable Findings of Auto-antibodies: Testing and Treatment

Multiple studies have shown that Cerebral Folate Deficiency (CFD) can cause autism, seizures, mitochondrial disease, motor abnormalities or other neurological problems. At the upcoming Autism One conference, Dr. Rossignol will review recent studies and research on testing for these antibodies and innovative treatments that are typically covered by insurance. He will also discuss his current IRB approved study he is conducting with Dr. Richard Frye. Case studies treated by Dr. Rossignol over the last 9 months on newly diagnosed children, tough nut children and their parents will be presented.

For additional information on Autism One and the upcoming conference May 25th – 29th, click here:

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Hyperbarics for Autism – Michael Inclan

Ivanhoe News video.

Michael Inclan, a 4 year old boy diagnosed with Autism, is making great progress thanks to his “submarine”. Michael uses a personal hyperbaric to treat his Autism.

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Parent Testimonial – HBOT Benefits of Home Use

We frequently get parents and medical professionals that share their  HBOT experiences. This one came to us about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Autism…

I wanted to take a minute to let you know the wonderful results we had when we rented the Vitaris 320 last April.  We originally rented it as another piece of my ASD son’s recovery puzzle, but we got so much more then we were expecting. 

It took about 1 week, or 10 dives, to see a noticeable difference with my ASD son, Gabriel.  He had tremendous gains in multiple areas of his development.  His expressive language improved almost immediately and has continued to improve dramatically.  His conversational language blossomed and he began to take interest in others, especially his younger brother, Christian.  He never really cared about the welfare of other people, but after HBOT he started asking questions like, “Good morning, Mommy.  How was your sleep?” and “How was school, Christian?”.  He became more sociable at home and in school and his eye contact became better and more sustained.  He also started having meaningful playtime with his 5 year old brother.  Gabriel used to get overwhelmed after about 10 minutes of play and would need about an hour’s worth of alone time to recuperate.  After HBOT their play sessions got longer and more diverse.   Gabriel is now able to play with his brother for hours at a time and they enjoy all sorts of play activities.  Playing everything from Legos to wrestling on our trampoline, my boys have developed a true friendship.   We had an incredible experience with the chamber.  It has been a major bright spot (probably the brightest) in our autism recovery efforts.

Also, unrelated to autism, my mom (Gabriel’s grandma) benefited from HBOT as well.  She had committed to going into the chamber with Gabriel for the morning dives so I could get my younger son to school on time.   She experienced a rather unexpected effect from HBOT.  About 10 years ago she fell and severely damaged the ligaments in her knees.  Her knees were in constant pain, everyday, all the time.  After the very first session she noticed her knees didn’t really hurt while getting out of the chamber.  After about 5 days she told me that she was noticing a real difference in her knees.  We decided that she should start doing both sessions with Gabriel.   After about 15 dives she was astonished by the amount of healing that took place in her knees-after nearly a decade of very little improvement.  She’s also had a bad back from a horse related injury decades ago and found that the HBOT greatly helped relieve her back pain. 

My father had a knee replacement in September of 2009.  My mom suggested my dad try out the chamber to see if it might help his knee.  He was quite reluctant to use the chamber but after seeing the results my mom got in her knees, he figured it was worth a try.  He started using the chamber and after only 10 dives it greatly improved the stiffness and pain in his knee.   My parents have committed to buying a chamber to keep.

Another benefit we all experienced was a greater mental clarity and better sleep.  To a family dealing with the everyday pressures of life with autism, these are two qualities we never take for granted.

We tell everyone who will listen about what an incredible experience we had.

Warm regards,
Vicki Straight
email received: Wed, 23 Feb 2011 17:48:00 -0800 canadian pharmacy Cardizem

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Effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on patellar tendinopathy in a rabbit model

1.J Trauma. 2004 Nov;57(5):1060-4.
Effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on patellar tendinopathy in a rabbit model.

Hsu RW, Hsu WH, Tai CL, Lee KF.
Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital at Chia-Yi, Chia-Yi, Taiwan.

BACKGROUND: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a method for augmenting oxygen availability to tissues. This study investigated the effect of hyperbaric oxygen therapy on the collagenase-induced tendinopathy in the rabbit patellar tendon.

METHODS: In this study, 13 rabbits were treated by ultrasound-guided injection of 0.025 mL collagenase into the patellar tendon at the right knee, with the left knee serving as a control condition. The rabbits were randomly divided into two groups. After tendinopathy had been confirmed by histologic examination 3 weeks after treatment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy was initiated for group 1. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy involved 30 daily sessions of 2.5 ATA for 120 minutes starting 6 weeks after treatment. The rabbits in group 2 were put in normobaric room air. Both groups were killed 10 weeks after treatment. Histologic examinations as well as mechanical and biochemical tests were performed after the animals were killed.

RESULTS: The ultimate tensile load in the tendon that had hyperbaric oxygen therapy was 34.8% greater than that in the control tendon 10 weeks after treatment (p < 0.05). Hydroxyproline concentrations increased 82.2% simultaneously in the tendons that had hyperbaric oxygen therapy, as compared with the concentrations in the control tendons (p < 0.05). However, no statistical difference was found between the two groups in terms of pyridinoline concentration at the 10th week (p > 0.05). The histologic examination demonstrated an increase in blastlike tenocytes in group 1, with more mature phenotype, more organized collagen matrix, absence of myxoid degeneration, and increased vascularity at the 10th week, as compared with the control knee.

CONCLUSIONS: The results validate the effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of tendinopathy. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy may increase collagen synthesis and collagen cross-link formation during the early healing process.

PMID: 15580033 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] Caverta

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James Harrison, Linebacker for the Steelers Uses Hyperbarics as Part of His Recovery

In the ESPN Pregame Special for  the AFC Championship Game 2011, the Pittsburg Steeler’s Linebacker James Harrison is seen pictured coming out of his Vitaeris Hyperbaric Chamber.

“It’s simple. My body helps me make money…”, he stated simply.  Harrison has built himself an impenetrable suit of armor. “I have a hyperbaric chamber that I use to rejuvenate myself. On days I don’t do it, I don’t get that extra oomph.”

Harrison joins an ever increasing body of athletes that rely on hyperbarics to help speed recovery and get them back into the game. See more athletes using personal, portable hyperbaric chambers here:

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