Critical Product Warning: R134A Refrigerant-based Hyperbaric Chamber Air Conditioners


These air conditioners are designed with a dual-core rechargeable R134A or R22 refrigerant containment system. The inner coil filled with R134A or R22 refrigerant is completely contained within an outer coil of air that is ultimately cooled, then piped into the hyperbaric chamber. If the internal refrigerant coil leaks in any way or becomes dislodged, it will contaminate the breathable air in the outer coil as it flows into the chamber.

A breach to the inner core or other failures in the structural integrity of the inner coil can be, and frequently are, wholly undetectable without the aid of specialized detectors, which is not included with these units. Pinhole ruptures to the inner coil can be sustained during shipping or through unintentional mishandling of the unit.

Any form of these refrigerants inhaled under pressure, floods the lungs of the chamber occupants, which can cause asphyxiation. Reference: Materials Safety Data Sheets for R134A  and R22.  

To report the sale of a dual-core R134A or R22 refrigerant-based air conditioner for use with a hyperbaric chamber to the FDA, contact Lillian C. Aveta, Compliance Officer at 158-15 Liberty Avenue, Jamaica, NY 11433 or call (718) 662-5576.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your hyperbaric chamber, compressors, or accessories, please contact the International Hyperbarics Association.